MidWest Control Products Corp.

MidWest Control Products Corp.
DescriptionMidwest Control Products Corp (MCP) began operations in 1967 and operates factories in Bushnell, Illinois and Sales Offices in Bushnell, IL, USA, and Oxon, United Kingdom. Originally a tube fabricator, MCP has expanded its product line over the years to now include linkages (ball joints, clevises, clevis spring pins, spherical rod ends and yoke ends), flat bar fabrications, tube fabrications, upset forgings, wireforms, contract zinc electroplating, contract powder painting, and push pull cables. Today, MCP ships to over 9,000 different OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) and distributors worldwide.
Address590 East Main Street, Bushnell
State / ProvinceFlorida
Phone No309-772-3163
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