Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage
DescriptionThe first CHICKEN COTTAGE restaurant was opened in Wembley, North London in 1994 and it was there the CHICKEN COTTAGE concept began to take shape.Our immediate goal then, was the creation of a unique taste, closely followed by the conception of a memorable logo and individual brand identity.We were determined to introduce a product that would not only be successful in the UK but around the world. We realised that winning the ‘battle of the globals’ lay upon the novel taste of our product.When it came to the taste, this is where the founder’s passion for cooking and experimentation really came into its own, developing products that were set to become core to the success of CHICKEN COTTAGE in our global reach.
Address14 Valley Point,Beddington Farm Road,B166 Croydon
State / ProvinceEngland
Phone No44 (0) 208 683 3553
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