DescriptionThe is a venture founded by Mrs. Irshad in the year 1999. Since then she has been working with her team to make the best matches ever. She is a woman of golden heart who thought to pursue her life in this good deed. Match making has never been an easy chore but then she saw the enormous changes in the society and those ladies who are still sitting at their homes unable to get married, not only this but the society’s harsh words. All these changes led her to this path today where she stood up for this generation and decided to facilitate those mothers who were in immense pain for their daughters and sons. Mrs. Irshad is not only the one in doing this good deed but there is also a team that is working behind her and helping out in her venture The to make it successful as much as they can and find the ideal match for every person. As we’ve always heard, 
AddressA 77, Gulshan-e-Maymar
Phone92 – (309) 166 – 6690
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