Professional Development Research Initiatives

Professional Development Research Initiatives
DescriptionPDRi is the short of Professional Development  Research Initiatives and PDRC, which is Professional Development & Research Council  that work under the PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING SERVICES ( PRTS), Pvt. Ltd.  PDRi/PDRC under the dynamic leadership of Professor Dr. Zaher shah, Ph.D(Pol.Science),MD-AM, Chief Advisor Of TRACCERT Canada for Asia/GCC region , and European International University, France. This institute is focusing on the Professional  development of professionals by introducing new and modern approaches like Professional Action Research to certify the professional prospects, in an easy, creative and productive manner. PDRi is basically Lahore based firm while PDRC is Kp based Registered Firm, but operates from its Head Office Mardan, which is its operations headquarter. It has many chapters like , Smart Cure Academy, which helps in training the slow learners. CSS/PMS training Chapter, Professional Research and Training Services, Female Development Initiatives..
AddressHouse No. 243 Street No. 48, SECTOR I/14-3, Islamabad
State / ProvincePunjab
Phone No0347 9812089
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