Buildfast Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd

DescriptionUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. was established and Registered in 1991 as Partnership Firm. After successful operations, it was registered as a Private Limited construction Company in 1996. Owners, Engr. Faheem Masood Faruqui and Engr. Arif Hafeez Khan, took the newly established construction firm to new heights through utmost conviction and perseverance. Both owners, being Civil Engineers from prestigious engineering universities of Pakistan, quickly gained a foothold in the construction industry of Pakistan. Pakistan’s construction industry, still in its infancy, did not discourage the new players. The personal and corporate motto of ‘to never give up’ kept the company moving. BUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. 
Phone No051-229-9460 
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