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DescriptionOur Aim is to provide latest information in simplest way. Latest jobs in Pakistan are provided in simplest way. You can find any jobs in Rawalpindi,Islamabad,karachi or Lahore easily on our website.
Address505, Askari Market, Rawalpindi
State / ProvincePunjab
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DescriptionTabsarah is the biggest free news distributer in Pakistan. Effectively an innovator in innovation and telecom, Tabsarah is bringing a similar ability and far-reaching inclusion to business, auto, new companies, sports, and numerous different fields.
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Daily Balochistan Express, Quetta

DescriptionThe Balochistan Express is the leading English daily from Balochistan. It is being published from Quetta, the capital of Balochistan. It was first publish on August 11, 1990. It is being published without any interruption from day one. It is very popular among the common readers in all parts of Balochistan, particularly among the political leaders and activists across the political divide, writers, journalists, intellectuals, teachers, students, and cross section of the people. The newspaper is counted in the impact medium influencing the policies and decisions of the Government is a modest way. The views expressed in its columns are taken seriously by all concerned as it is known for its professional commitment and complete independence of views. The newspaper is respected for another reason that it accommodates opinion and views of all shades of public opinion. It is totally and independent daily in its strict sense and have no political affiliation whatsoever. It is being edited by very senior journalists commanding deep respect and regard from their valued readers in all parts of Balochistan. The successive Governments in Balochistan had generally patronized the newspaper considered it a useful medium to project the image of the Government, its leaders and functionaries. It is first newspaper in Balochistan that had promoted professionalism in the field and a sizable number of journalists got basic training from this institutions. Most of them are serving various organisations, newspapers and international organisations with big salaries.
AddressExpress House,Patel Housing societySariab road,Quetta
State / ProvinceBalochistan
Phone No92 081 2451981

All Bangla Newspaper

DescriptionAll Bangla Newspapers bd is the most popular Bangladesh newspapers directory of Bangladesh. is a complete list of Bangladesh Newspapers. Our journey is to provide great experiences for our online news visitors so that they can read All Bangla Daily Newspapers, All Bangla online newspapers and Bangladeshi e-newspapers, Bangla Tv news media in one place!
Address House 9, Road 16, Gulshan-1
State / ProvinceGulshan
Phone No0179 8417463